Emil Kolben District, Prague 9

Location:          Praha 9 - Vysočany

Investor:          Skanska reality

Project:            2018 - 2019

Realization:     2020 – 2022

The Emil Kolben district is a residential project on the territory of the former ČKD production plants in Prague. The intention was to create a vibrant, modern, and green neighborhood. The main inspiration for our design was the inventor and entrepreneur in the field of electrical engineering Emil Kolben. Emphasis is placed on the unification of the district as a whole, regardless of the construction phases. Landmarks in the form of columns refer to the work of Emil Kolben depicting his important electrical components‘ inventions such as a resistor or an antenna. The columns were created in cooperation with sculptor Matěj Hájek.

The entire public space is designed to entice all residents to stay outdoors and offer them both, the opportunity to work whilst enjoying greenery as well as recreational activities in the fresh air. For this very reason, the project includes a community garden and a composting plant as well as an exciting place for the young. The playground has been designed to emulate a construction site that encourages children to cooperate through play. We tried to make this place attractive for the youngest as well as older children and, of course, adults, who can sit on a bench, lie on the grass in the shade of trees, or enjoy a swing.  The design offers various play elements  and the landscaped terrain supports kids‘ physical fitness and the development of their imagination.

Our goal was to offer an outdoor solution for a modern 21st-century city district not only connected to local historical values but also serving the current needs of its residents.

Photo: Hana Connor (1-2, 5-8)