Nursery School Garden In Chotetov

Location: Chotetov, Czech Republic

Client: Chotetov Village

Project Documentation: 2013 - 2014

Construction Year: 2014 – 2015


Chotetov nursery school garden was completed by our Studio in 2014. Only a small investment was needed to transform the empty, gratually sloping plot into an eye catching multi-levelled space, demonstrating the village history in a playful way. Various terrain levels, small stony walls and fireplaces aim to remind the children of the medieval castles once standing near by. Small reed workshops and clay bricklayed paths intend to bring back the memories of the village‘s old brick making factory. The central play area with sand pit, water pump and wooden throughs is greatly appreaciated by the kids in the summer. Essential shade is provided by coloured shade sails fastened to wooden posts. A small summer-house is welcomed by both the teachers and the children for outdoor based curriculum. Our Studio tried to show that with the right ideas even a fairly restricted budget can provide a transformation of any outdoor space into an inspirational and enjoyable area for our little pre-school boys and girls.


Photo: Tomáš Rasl (1, 4)