Nursery School Garden In Stribro

Location: Stribro, Czech Republic

Client: Stribro Town

Architects of the Building: XTOPIX

Project Documentation: 2015 - 2016

Construction Year: 2017 - 2018


The project begun in 2015 as a garden design for the brand new nursery built in Stribro Town. The multi-levelled plot including a steeply sloping area at the edge of the property was an exciting challenge for us. Our aspiration was to create a stimulating garden features across the entire plot, from the school’s flat roof to the steep edge of the garden. We were inspired by the summer holidays and the evitable water fun. This is how the “Holiday by the Sea” theme for the nursery garden was born. Four distinctive play areas were designed – the Land of Treasures, the Beach of Fun, the Lighthouse and the Observation Land.

The Land of Treasures is situated at the lowest point of the plot, which is the most difficult to access. Children have to overcome a number of obstacles to get to the treasure. Here they find the ship floating on the sea, climb the captain’s bridge, observe the flag mast and open the treasure chest. A tall red and yellow lighthouse with a long slide is the main feature of the Lighthouse play area. Raised planting beds give children the opportunity to learn how to grow their own and an outdoor shower helps to keep them cool in the hot summer months whilst busy at it. “The Beach of Fun” area with two sand pits intends to imitate the beach play while being sheltered from the scorching sun by large canvas shade sails. Here the more active kids can find the essential playground swings, a long path for little push riders sheltered by the willow branch tunnels and a necessary cooling down area with the beach shower. The nursery rooftop is designed as the Observation Land where the curious little boys and girls can look out into the nursery garden or further a field into the town. The nursery green roof has been equipped with binoculars, talk tubes and coloured viewing glass embedded in the walls for tempting views of the surrounding area.

Majority of the play equipment was especially designed for this project by our Studio aesthetically embedded into its environment and the natural landscape of the property. We are committed to provide the children with a suitable and safe natural environment to inspire their outdoor fun and let their fantasy to take over when thinking about their next play.



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