Picnic Spots In 'Stromovka' Park, Prague

Location: Prague 7, Stromovka

Client: City of Prague

Project: 2018

Completion: 2020


Picnic is a great way to spend time outside with your family, friends or loved ones. Having a barbeque on a nice summer day or evening has become increasingly popular way to socialise outdoors whilst enjoying your meal. And for this very reason the Prague City Council made decision to build several picnic and good quality barbeque areas within Stromovka Park.

The concrete foundation slab of the barbeque stand is designed with the imprints of leaves and wooden branches into its surface. Intention was for this structure to naturally blend into the park‘s surroundings.

Especially designed prism shaped barbeque grill has been placed in the middle of each picnic area. Dark grey colour of the grill is beautifully contrasting with the light grey concrete slab and is made vandal proof. The seating area of solid oak wood benches and tables is complementing the stylish grill, all intended to last and requiring minimal maintenance.

Whilst we are expecting heavy use of picnic spots we decided to lay grass over the gravel to ensure minimal damage to the surrounding lawn.

Four more similar picnic spots are intended to be built if this pilot project will prove to be successful. Each barbeque area will have a unique design to complement its location in the park.


Hana Connor (1-6, 8)

Land05 (7, 9, 10)