Railway station Prague - Liben

Designer: Martina Forejtová (Land05)

Location: Prague 

Client: Prague City

Project Year: 2017

Construction Year: 2018

The railway station Prague – Liben is situated in the middle of a dull-looking urban development. The only difference to notice throughout the seasons was the occasional change in the few billboards placed in front of it. Our idea was to fundamentally change the impression of the place which many regular commuters use to enter the City. We sought to offer an inviting and seasonally changing space to pass through.

This was achieved by planting large crown trees and creating new flowerbeds in an inhospitable area originally dominated by large grey paving stones. The immense purple blossom of Paulownia trees is on full show before the appearance of their first green leaves. Later on, in spring the pale purple tree blossom is complemented with the dark purple bloom of alliums in the flowerbeds. Large green leaves of Paulownia trees finally come through in the summer and provide much-desired shade to passers-by. Early autumn is dominated by the spectacular colour show of ornamental grasses which lasts throughout the winter. In the spring the seasonal cycle starts again.

We truly believe that this change made the journey to all who enter the City more pleasant and inspiring.