Revitalization of the Park ‘Thomayerovy sady‘ in Prague 8

Location: Praha 8 - Libeň

Client: MČ Praha 8

Designers: Martina Forejtová, Aleš Steiner

Project Documentation: 2016

Construction Year: 2017 - 2018

‘Thomayerovy sady‘ park is a beautiful site built during the time of of Romanticism. Narrow winding paths are designed  to guide visitors through the most interesting spots of the park. When following the paths the visitors  have great views over the Prague basin.  The emphasis of the work done focuses on paths and outdoor furniture.

It was a challenge to choose the right technology as steep slopes form most of the area in the park. We selected various types of surfaces depending on how the particular path will be used. We repaired old low walls and designed new ones in order to support the exposed soil. Because the park is situated on a steep hillside, it was critical to implement a sophisticated rainwater management system in order to prevent erosion of the ground. For this reason all paths slope down to newly designed swales, which enable safe irrigation of rain water in the ground.

We renovated old steps in the  romantic style, planted new flowers in the rock garden and designed a new information system for the park. We took special care selecting the trees as they  need to be able to grow in  difficult climatic conditions in dry soil on rock bed.

Since 2008 we have been planting new trees in this park. We have been selecting the trees considering the climatic and soil conditions in the park carefully. Over the years we have established that only oaks and other trees suitable for dry and rocky soil are able to thrive on this exposed site.