'U Knezske louky' Park - 2nd place Park of Year '21 Award

Designer: Martina Forejtova

Location: Prague 3 – Jarov,  'U Kněžské louky' Street

Client: Prague 3

Project Documentation: 2017 - 2019

Construction Year: 2020 - 2021

Photo: Hana Connor

We designed the park based on the meetings with the people living near the park The main idea was to create a relaxing space in the noisy city. Place for enjoying time in the shadow of the trees with a nice view of everyday changing flower beds.

The result is a relaxing space with big flower beds, central paved area, comfortable benches and mist producing unit for refreshing in summer.

Because several playgrounds are located near the park, we placed just one small game feature for children. It stands in the corner of the park and consists of several little hills covered with painted soft-rubber surface. The original shape and colour encourage the children to develop their own games.

We moved the sculpture “Lovers” by Miroslav Jirava in the center of the park. The sculpture was at the entrance of the park since 1966. Later a shop was built next to the sculpture and it went out of the sight and mind of the people. Now the sculpture has its place under a canopy of a big Ailanthus, where the shape of the “lovers” nicely corresponds to the branches of the tree.

We have applied the latest technology from the field of rainwater management and we navigate all rainwater from paved areas to specially designed flower beds. The plants selected for these flower beds have the ability to grow during dry periods as well as during rainy days. The flowers bloom from spring till autumn and please the people most of the year.